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Sasha Elektroniker

Grandfather was musician, Father was musician and I am Music producer from Serbia, playing synths from chilldhood and producing music more than one decade. Started DJing in local club at 1999 and enjoying in work combining electronic styles and mainstream, and it was time of happyines and young energy. Than life lead to other fields but music was in the heart. Life became serious but believer producing more seriously. It was a hard path to bring sound quality standards and my effort was always a challenge to made final product. Gigabytes of music was lost in computer crash but I continiue playing from begining and started to release music for Music Taste Records as Electrolight and with more pseudonims. As main name Sasha Elektroniker bringing melodic electronic music with sense and no limitations to genre. Also I establish my own label PRECISION focused on artists without genre limitations and managing it easy but with strong defined goal, gather the creativity and quality for the future. Life dedicated to art, music at first can bring joy and excitment to the audience with hope to expanding music to wider groups of people and get satisfaction for my work. First album will be released soon and I will have something behind me. Something that will last , stay in time behind me and that is enough for the begining.

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    By Sasha Elektroniker Genre: Not Specified

    51 years ago

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