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Vanderwall studied the talents of Tom Moulton and Larry Levan as the Disco Culture began to take off in the early 70's and so he was able to hold audiences on the dance floor longer than most DJ's at the time who spoke after each record had ended. Using "Belt-Driven" record players with the usual speeds of 45rpm he quickly developed his skills at "Beat Matching" from the likes of Bobby Grasso (the Grandfather of DJ's) and Nicky Siano of New York fame and then later as the turntables became easier to speed up, he pioneered his way to use the breaks in records (later the Maxi Singles or Disco Singles) to match the Beats, Bars and Key that the records were recorded in to create a journey for the dancers to enjoy. In the late 80's and early 90's as the Sampler became available, he was able to extend mixes by using software from Steinberg together with an Atari Mega ST4 Computer and a 1/4 inch reel-to-reel machine from Fostex and Studer. From 1996 -1999 he was a Freelance Producer at BFBS producing "The End of Year Mix" series which were broadcasted each year on New Years Eve. He also provided BFBS with "A Tribute to Diana" which was broadcasted live at her funeral as BFBS joined the BBC's Radio 4 for the live transmission at Westminster Abbey. This tribute was then entered at the New York Festivals and won 5th place in the nominations "Breaking News" and "Short Documentary".

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