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The Backyard Project

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Created by Lynx Fx

Join, network, share and represent what you've got where you're at... electronic music worldwide.


DJ Baye Belgium  

From Belgium  |  Male

Genre(s): Funk, Hip-Hop, R & B


Goldnstar Dj\\\\\\\'s  

From United Kingdom  |  Female

Genre(s): Breakbeat, Funk, Garage, Hip-Hop, R & B, Radio, Reggae, Urban Pop



From Argentina  |  Male

Genre(s): Deep House, House, Indie, Minimal House, Nu-Disco, Tech House, Techno

Bedroom Dj - Hello, my name is Nino Reyes (KninoDj), I'm from Catamarca - Argentina. Mixing music is my favorite hobby; I do it with a controller Traktor Z1 y X1, a laptop and Traktor Pro 2. I like house music, mostly deep...

kristian pooley 

From Norway  |  Male

Genre(s): Deep House, Electro, Electro House, House, Leftfield, Minimal House, Techno

English sitizen but born i Norway,,moved back and forth but settled down when school started in as a dj,,,not a producer !! my favoritt is progressiv techno and Minimal prog,,but i will try to stretch my comfort...

Lynx Fx 

From Australia  |  Male

Genre(s): Breakbeat, Deep House, Electro House, Minimal House, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno, Trance, UK Garage

I've got beats inside my head, I snuggle with sub-woofers, I'm pro-vinyl & the art of...

Max Wright 


Genre(s): Not Specified


SpektruM Of DooM 

From United States of America  |  Male

Genre(s): Bass, Dubstep, Rock

Heavy Bass Thrashers Brutal Downtuned Chugs'n'Wubbs Rapcore,Synthology and Lfo...