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By doosloo Genre: Not Specified

7 years ago

Ram Jam & Co - Black Betty (Doosloo's Get Up Remix)

Maaaan, I love the Ram Jam cover of this track and messing about with it has been on my agenda for a long time but wanted to make sure I did it justice! Here we have the original kick ass ripper of a track from Ram Jam, infused with the excellent Spiderbait cover version plus some samples from Sub Focus & Daft Punk not to mention a massive dose of inspiration from The Prodigy... Cheers Liam! Created using Reaper, NI's Massive & Absynth - any feedback much appreciated :) Ram Jam & Co - Black Betty (Doosloo's Get The F*ck Up Remix) Ram Jam 'Black Betty' P.1977 Epic Records Spiderbait 'Black Betty' P.2004 Universal Daft Punk 'Robot Rock' P.2005 Virgin Records Sub Focus 'Rock It' P.2009 Ram Records Samples Taken From : Coldcut 'Beats + Pieces' P.1987 Arista Records / Ninja Tune Rage Against The Machine 'Bulls On Parade' P.1996 Epic Records The B-Boys 'Two, Three, Break' P.1983 Streetwave The Prodigy 'Funky Shit' P.1997 XL Records / Maverick Remix & Additional Production By Doosloo RT. 4.32 - BPM 120


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