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By Raffe Genre: Not Specified

6 years ago

CCulture Club Revelin DJ Contest for DANCElectric Residency by Raffe Bergwall

A tech/funky/disco/deep house megamix by DJ Raffe Bergwall for the "Culture Club Revelin 2014 DJ Competition". The mix contains 29 tracks in 60 minutes and mixed live on my Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4, Kontrol F1 and MacBook Pro... If you like my mix, please favourite it and spread it to all your friends. And feel free to comment down below. *** BIO: My DJ name is Raffe Bergwall (Helsingborg, Sweden) and I just love making mixes like this. I can sit for hours and prep the music, cut the tracks to fit into the mix when I play it live... Listen to all my remixes, mash-ups, megamixes, mixtapes and reworks here: Want DJ Raffe Bergwall at your club? Book me at +46 (0)70-409 61 75, or visit


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    By Raffe Genre: Deep House, Funky House, Tech House

    6 years Hours ago

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    By Raffe Genre: Not Specified

    5 years Hours ago