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By Dj Pease Genre: Not Specified

5 years ago

All star Request Mix

Hi everyone... Here's a special treat!!! ....... This set is a compilation of breakbeat tracks, requested by several good friends/ Djs here on Mixcloud :) I took 2 tracks from each guy, and put them all together to make this one set. And what an interesting project this turned out to be :) All the different the styles and taste, we have, all wrapped up in one place. One stop shopping, if you will. So if you're ready for this journey, strap on your seatbelts, hit play, and get down to the ALL STAR REQUEST MIX !!! Please leave comments, like, and share, if you enjoyed your journey :))) and as always, im truly thankful for your support!! And please, check out the tracklist, and note the guys names, in the titles they requested :) Please check them out on their pages as well! Lots of good music out there to be heard :)) Thanx Again! P.S. Thanx 2 all the Dj's that contributed, and be on the lookout for a sequel. .. Missed some Djs, and will get em in on the next one :)


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