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By Dj Pease Genre: Not Specified

5 years ago

Florida Breaks "Breakin all da rulez"

Here's the next installment of my " Florida Breaks " .......... This one has all kinds of good, upbeat jams, to keep you moving!! Everything from good ole Florida breaks, to Progressive breaks, to even Electro Bass!!...Which I got with a new buddy from boom town, for a coupe trax in here. Vortex is from Miami Florida, a neighbor to us here in Tampa, and donated a couple of his electro bass pieces, for my set!!! I think they fit in there Rather Nicely!!! If you like what you here, feel free to comment, like, & repost :) :) and give Vortex a peep, to here more of his stuff as well, at So Break all da rulez, and crank it up!! and as always, Thanx 4 da support :) :) :)


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