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By doosloo Genre: Not Specified

7 years ago

Jay-Z Vs Doves - Firesuite 99 (Doosloo's Remix)

So this morning a friend pointed out a remix to me that used The Doves 'Firesuite'. It was nice an' all, but I figured I could make it slightly better - so, here is my little tribute to the track (which is ace in itself). I went for some big beat sounding bits and pieces and the track just slipped into that Hip Hop vibe, so I used one of Jay-Z's most famous tracks and merged the two together :) Hope you all enjoy! Doosloo. Created in Reaper using NI's Massive & Absynth. Jay-Z vs Doves - Firesuite 99 (Doosloo's Remix) Doves 'Firesuite' P. 2000 (Heavenly) Jay-Z '99 Problems' P. 2004 (Roc-A-Fella / Def Jam) With Samples From: Coolio 'Gangsta's Paradise' P. 1995 (Tommy Boy Records) Remix & Additional Production By Doosloo RT. 4:40 - BPM 85


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