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By doosloo Genre: Not Specified

7 years ago

Lamb - Butterfly Effect (Doosloo's OSK Remix)

Hey Guys, Here is my remix of Lamb's - Butterfly Effect for the remix competition that they have put on. Gone with an Old Skool Killa breaks feel to it with a little dubsteppy twist and a touch of glitch work so for any breaks fans out there hopefully you'll enjoy! There are already some storming mixes in the competition, Check out Espai's (Espai – Espai-butterfly-effect-lamb) and Rogue's (Rogueuk – Lamb-butterfly-effect-rogue) as they are both fantastic remixes so I'd apprecite any support you guys can give to mine :) Thanks, Doosloo. Lamb 'Butterfly Effect' (Doosloo's OSK Remix) Remix & Additional Production By Doosloo RT. 5.28 - BPM 136


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  about 7 years ago