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By Danny \\\'mixmandan\\\' James Genre: Not Specified

7 years ago

The Potbelleez MiniMix

Australian icons of dance.. the Potbelleez are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I love these guys! In fact everytime I go on a long walk I put their album 'Destination Now' on - 128 BPM is a good step for the first 6km! Signed to Vicious Records, sadly for some reason these guys have made it big here, in the States to but sadly yet to break the UK market, which is strange as one of them is English. I managed to get a few of the tunes in key mixing nice.. see what you think and Google their 'Midnight Midnight' video.. Filmed in Kings Cross in Sydney.. if you don't know the area.. watch the video and you'll sort of guess haha. For some reason on here - some of it sounds faster than on my original Mixcloud post.. which also seems to be a bit faster than my original mixdown.. Enjoy!


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